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Which one is the best antivirus software of 2017?

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When it comes to protecting my windows computer from malicious software, as well as my own identity when shopping online, i take antivirus protection quite seriously.

I've used various antivirus products over the years including Trend Micro, AVAST, AVG, Norton etc and I found them all great in their own ways. Norton was a bit slow, but it seemed to protect my PC quite well.

I came across this antivirus review page by Computer Fixperts comparing the top antivirus products available and it seemed to provide a pretty good comparison. I was wondering what you guys run on your PC to protect yourselves?

What's your thoughts on paid antivirus vs free antivirus and do we really need all those extra features like performance optimization and password managers?

Please help.

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I am admissible I don't use the manager of passwords of. to he it isn't safe. Always I install in the browser not to save history and password information. I use the Mozilla Firefox browser and two plug-ins: 1.NoScript - this plug-in doesn't allow to operation of harmful scripts which can do harm, 2.Adblock - a plug-in which blocks advertizing and also some harmful scripts. I use an antivirus Nod32 Smart Security 8


Вы здесь » Форум » Антивирусные системы » Which one is the best antivirus software of 2017?